When the flight to your buddy in London is cheaper than the beer you just ordered in a Norwegian bar, then for CHRIST´S SAKE book the flight!     A couple days later I sat in the plane to the british capital. From the airport I hitchhiked with Marc, a busdriver from Sri Lanka, to …


Traditional pasties originally from the region of Karelia. Today they are eaten throughout Finland as well as in the neighbouring Estonia and northern Russia. They are made from a thin rye crust with a filling of rice. Butter, often mixed with boiled egg (Munavoi), is spread over the hot pasties before eating.


The wonders of each region view, from frozen Lapland to Peru. The magic of Lapland is above all in its contrasts: In the summer, the country is almost 24 hours immersed in sunlight, and the winter days are long and dark. The hustle and bustle of cities and winter sports resorts is just minutes away from the peace and quiet of the endless wilderness.


Rovaniemi is the capital of Lapland, a landscape in northern Finland. It was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War. Today Rovaniemi is a modern city, known as the "official" home of Santa Claus and for its northern lights.


The old town of Vaasa burned to the ground (1852) and when it was rebuilt it was relocated closer to the sea some six kilometers northwest from its original location.